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Needless to introduce ourselves using classic social conveniences, we are complete non-public persons and it has no relevance to talk too much about us. But it is barely worth talking about what we have discovered and how we want to proceed from now on. 

It all started with more than 12 years ago, by chance, like many other major discoveries. We have discovered a way to penetrate deep into the human mind through light, a certain coding of light captured through the human eye gives us a very deep access to the cosmos of our brain.

Since then, our main focus has been exploring and mapping parts of the vast, unknown and amazing multidimensional software that we commonly call mind. Most likely will be an endless endeavor, much like the exploration of the macrocosm, traveling to the horizon only to discover the next or perhaps another thing or things without immediate definition. But what really matters is this journey of infinite potential and what is reaped through this expedition to new worlds. What we are sowing today and what humanity will gain tomorrow through our work.

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Research and Development Milan Neural Lab

This is the place, where we work with lights and shadows to create something brilliant. When the founders of Brain X Corp rent the office they also planted a single apple tree. A direct descendant from the apple trees that grew on Isaac Newton’s family farm in Lincolnshire, England, as a symbol of the fundamentals of scientific research.

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Take a look at our core team pictured in Static Neural FX

Our thoughts are like a private theatre, and as such they can fascinate us. The fleeting images and phrases in our minds make up a good portion of our lives. Day by day, by some estimates based on brain state transitions in neuroimaging data, we may have four to eight thoughts per minute.  Now, after you walk through the neural fx boosted imagine below, for some time we will be part of your mental theater.

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