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Take a look at our projects and results of our laboratory in Milan. Explore some lines of direct feedback from inside and see and feel, if you dare, the powerful touch of Neural Media Fx Experiences.

brainxcorp cover
Media VREAL Trailer
about vreal preview
Technology VREAL FX
brainxcorp cover
Media NLINK Trailer
brainxcorp cover
Press Neural side of light
about nerfx preview
Technology Neural Retina FX
neural retina cover
Brain X Corp Projects Neural Retina
about nlink preview
Technology Neural Fiber Link
nadv cover
Brain X Corp Projects Neural Advertising
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Media NERFX Trailer
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Media NADV Trailer
about nadv preview
Technology NADV Codec
brainxcorp cover
Press NADV Beta Test
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Media INVFX Trailer
about invfx preview
Technology Inverse FX
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Media DMIND Trailer
about deep mind preview
Technology Deep Mind Exp.
deep mind cover
Brain X Corp Projects Deep Mind
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Media Brain X Corp Trailer
brain hyperlink project
Brain X Corp Projects Brain Hyperlink
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